Târziu în noapte


Târziu în noapte 


Nopţi târzii de vară petreceam,
Sunetul viorii cu drag îl ascultam.
Tu, mâna mi-ai cuprins , uşor…
M-ai strâns în braţe, credeam că o să zbor.

Pe bancă de la drum ne-am aşezat.
Priveam in ochii tăi şi-apoi te-am sărutat.
Credeai că-i doar un vis de-al tău…
Din nou te-am sărutat şi nu îmi pare rău !

Ne-am ridicat şi-ntr-o plimbare am pornit…
Un glas gingaş , de sus s-a auzit.
În jur, nimic nu se vedea.
Dar ce frumos! Era o simplă stea…

A coborât uşor, voia doar să ne spună:
“Visaţi neîncetat. S-aveţi o noapte bună !
Un om am fost şi eu cândva…
Dar chipul mi s-a preschimbat în stea. “

Această amintire în suflet o voi păstra.
Mi-e dor de acea noapte…
Mi-e dor de acea stea…

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  1. like 🙂

    • Thanks !:D:):)

  2. Sweet and moving. Thank you for sharing

    • Thank you very much, Mondrak !:D

      Have a great day …:D

      • You’ve changed your gravatar image again. I like it, you are very pretty, Eda.

        • … Thank you for your appreciation, Mondrak ! 🙂

          Have a lovely day !

  3. I get so happy when I read your thought´s. You are such a nice girl..

    • Thank you very very much, Nitin !


      Have a sweet day !

  4. Very Cute !

    • Thanks ! 😀

  5. Foarte frumos ,sensibilizeaza orice inima iubitoare .

    • Va multumesc tare mult ! 😉

      O zi frumoasa si dulce va doresc !:D

  6. ador ca visezi,oamenii care viseaza sunt mai trezi ca niciodata,creeaza,ai dreptul si puterea de a a visa si a transforma visele in realitate ,Lumina vegheaza,Universul conspira,totul e in favoarea noastra,Dumnezeu sa te binecuvanteze !!!!! pup tare si imbratisez si sunt martor si sustinator al viselor tale ,Fi iubita Fi fericita e dreptul tau !!!! 🙂

    • Cine ar putea sa ma faca sa zambesc atunci cand citesc cele mai frumoase comentarii ?
      Tu, inger Carla ! 😀

      Multumesc enorm de mult !! 😀

      Si eu te pup si te imbratisez tare, tare … 🙂

  7. si nu doar drept Eda mea scumpa ci ai chiar obligatia sa visezi si sa implinesti …..doi intr-unul 🙂

    • … oricine are dreptul de a visa ! E ceea ce ne face fericiti… 😀

  8. nu uita niciodata scumpa mea,Universul,Culoarea,Natura ,Cerul si Pamantul sunt de partea ta… si eu Carla la fel oriunde si oricand 🙂

    • Ma bucur sa aud asta …si faptul ca cineva e alaturi de mine tot timpul…ma bucura si mai tare ! 😀

      Multumesc din suflet, Carla ! 😀

      • scumpa Eda ,e o onoare sa fiu alaturi de tine,pe blogul tau ma simt Acasa ,e un privilegiu ,nu-mi mai multumi ,pup tare Viata si Iubire ce esti !!!! 🙂

        • ….:D:D:D


  9. Lovely! Thank you so much.

    • Thank you very much !:D:D

      Have a great day !

  10. Lovely! Dear neighbors , See you again in September, I wish you all the best

    • Thank you very much , Stefan !!!


      Have a great month !!!:D:D

  11. This is so sweet – quite rapturous

    • Thanks !:D:D:D

  12. Cântec târziu pe timp de noapte este de frumos.

    • Multumesc ! >Thank you !Have a sweet day !<


  13. Again Eda…your heart on the page for all to treasure.

    • Thank you very much, Rhonda !!


      Have a great day !:D:D

  14. i out of words to explain … lovely !! ❤ ❤

    i am not a poet , but i do write when i get emotional … i had blog previously ,.. but by mistake it got all deleted …
    can u review this !! .. i wrote it

    • Thank you very much, Archana !!! 😀

      Your poem is super !!:D

      Great !


  15. Thank you so much for the very thoughtful comments you rendered me this day on my WordPress poetry blog site. Feedback such as yours make my daily efforts to maintain this blog worthwhile. A strange thing…..as of last night my blog site had exactly the same number of hits on it….as yours. Strange indeed. Perhaps we have known of each other in another time and place. Truly eternal life is wonderful! It all makes Love, all the more wonderful.

    • Ok…Thank you !!


      Have a great day ! 😉

  16. Va multumim! Eda, Dragostea nu priveste cu ochii, ci cu mintea.

    • Asa este !!!

      Multumesc tare mult !


      • Iubesc toate poeziile.

        • Ma bucur enorm sa aud asta !!!

          Va multumesc din suflet ! :):)

        • Tu nu scrie satire?

        • Nu… 🙂

        • poezii satirice?

        • Poezii…atat ! 🙂

        • Nu vă împărtăşesc pe WordPress?

    • E super melodia !

      …chiar mai mult de atat 😉 🙂


      • 🙂 😉

  17. ………………………………….
    ți-e dor de noapți cu stele,
    de-o strălucire dublă
    a stelelor din viața ta.

    • …. chiar asa , de-o stralucire dubla… cine nu ar vrea? 😀

      Multumesc tare mult !

  18. I read it in translation, and wished I could understand your words directly… I sense the loss… it isn’t the same. But there’s a little of the taste that comes through….

    • Yes… You’re right !

      Thank you very much ! :D:D

      Have a great day !

  19. Eda, its so melodic, like a beautiful song and your words are such they feed one’s heart with joy! I loved your post!

    • Thank you ! 😀

      I’m happy to hear that ! 😀

  20. Excellent poem Eda. Your words are truly heart touching. One of my favorite in your blog yet. 🙂 Have a great weekend.

    • Hello, Arindam !! 😀

      Thank you very very much !!! :D:D

      I’m so happy to hear that… 😀

  21. Hi! I have just nominated you for a Very Inspiring Blogger Award


    I would be honoured if you accept!

    Best regards, Arlen

    • Thank you very much dear Arlen !!!

      I’m happy to hear that !

      Have a great and lovely day ! 😀

  22. Minunat sclipesc versurile tale, în roi de sentimente stelare!

    • Multumesc din suflet ! 😀

      …ce cuvinte minunate ! :):)

      O zi frumoasa va doresc !

  23. Perfect in every note.

    • Thank you , Seb !

      Have a great night ! 😀

  24. At the time of undergoing an episode of life, we can feel its beauty. At the time the episode was a distant memory, sometimes, very heavy … I like your post, Eda. 🙂

    • Thank you very much , Hilal !! :D:D

  25. Thanks For Like 😀

  26. Foarte frumoasa poezia cu un accent pe versurile
    “Un om am fost şi eu cândva…
    Dar chipul mi s-a preschimbat în stea. “
    …sublim !O seara frumoasa!

    • Va multumesc tare mult !!! 😀

      O seara dulce va doresc !

  27. Nice words.

    • Thank you very much !! 😀

      Have a nice evening !

  28. Minunata poezie, iar versurile cu steaua sunt nemaipomenite 🙂

    • Va multumesc tare tare mult ! 😀

      O zi frumoasa va doresc !

  29. This reminds me so much of the story “Stardust” by Neil Gaiman , in which two lovers gaze on a falling star and an adventure unfolds… very beautiful.

    • Thank you very much !


      Have a nice day and I’m happy to hear that !

  30. Eda,your poem is emotional,and wonderful,Great thoughts.Thank you for liking my new post.Cheers.

    • Thank you very much too… :D:D

      I’m very happy to hear that ! 😀

      Have a sweet day !

  31. Nopţi târzii de vară petreceam,
    Sunetul viorii cu drag îl ascultam.
    Tu, mâna mi-ai cuprins , uşor…
    M-ai strâns în braţe, credeam că o să zbor.

    Very nice soft words of wonderful lyrics!

    • Hi Stefan ! 😀

      Thank you very very much ! 😀

      How do you do ?:D

      • I am very well thank you ! and how are you?

        • I’m fine , thank you very much !:D

          I felt your absence from the blog… 🙂

  32. sorry, I can’t read it! what language is it

    • It’s Romanian language… 😀 😉

  33. Late at night

    Late summer nights spent,
    Violin sound gladly listen.
    You hand me included, easy …
    I hugged you, I thought flying.

    On the bench we sat on the road.
    I looked in your eyes and then I kissed him.
    I think it’s just a dream of yours …
    I kissed again, not sorry!

    We got up and we went into a walk …
    A gentle voice from above was heard.
    Around and see nothing.
    But how nice! It was a simple star …

    A down slightly, just wanted to say:
    “Dream incessantly. They have a good night!
    I have been a man once …
    But my face was turned to stand. ‘

    This memory I will keep in mind.
    I miss that night …
    I miss that star …



    Reminds me of someone I Loved many years ago… I’ll never forget that night we first kissed… It changed my life… Even though she is gone now… It still changed me


    • I’m enjoyed to hear that, dear !

      You’re nice and your words are very beautfiul ! 😀

      Thank you !

  34. Noaptea – inspiratia viselor…frumusetea versurilor 🙂

    • …asa-i , scumpa mea !
      Inspiratie dupa anul 2008… 😀
      Iti multumesc enorm !
      Te pup.

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